New GUI, HUD and Color Palette


A lot of post-production polishing has been done to visuals and gameplay in the past months. I am excited to present you how the game looks at the moment. Thanks for being interested and stay tuned. The release date will be announced soon.

Flight Mechanics

Flight model - Splash screen

Let’s say a couple of words about “The Rolling Edge” flying physics model. TRE uses unique flight model solution called Wrabatz© (developed by Kinepx), exclusively written for Unity3D environment, made with a focus on physical accuracy, high performance and very low power consumption.

Flight model - Power

High level of realism combined with limited controlling abilities of mobile devices results in step learning curve (especialy for noobs), but we guarantee great playing experience for those who give us a chance and spend a couple of minutes to become familiar with the game controls.

If you don’t beleive me, take a look at these scientific charts.

Flight model - Learning

TRE Soundtrack – Free Download

Here is the list of short classical themes written exclusively for “The Rolling Edge” game. You are free to download and use this music in your projects under the following terms (CC BY-ND 4.0).

All files are high-quality MP3’s with bit rate of 320kb/s.


Early Alpha Screenshots – Part 3


Thanks for being interested in progress of the game development. The new screenshots are here.

Early Alpha Screenshots – Part 2

Early Alpha Screenshots – Part 1


Stay tuned for The Rolling Edge game updates…